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If I Were A Millionaire. If I were a millionaire, what shall I do with my millions? Of course, I cannot eat my Gold! I can eat two meals a day like the poorest of human beings.

I will use this money to bring an end to the money-minded civilization. Money has become a great problem. Nobody thinks of the work he can do. Everybody thinks of the money; he can extract from the others.

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The first method to achieve my aim would be to form a small community where people would work together for the good of all without thinking of the individual. Everybody would devote himself to the general good.

Money would have a secondary position in its thinking, living and doing. It might be small community of say a hundred men, women and children.

They would pool together all their resources—men, money and material. All money would be kept in a common fund which would create opportunities of employment, food, clothing, houses and entertainment for everybody. We should pool together our technical skills and other resources for the good of alt. Production on a large scale is always cheaper and better. To this common effort I would give my millions. This is how I will use money.

I will create a money less civilization. Money is the prime cause of all troubles in the modern world. What we need is a civilization with less stress on the profit motive, a state in which qualities of head and heart are more prized than power and possessions. This in brief, is my scheme to use millions. I would pass my days supervising the community institutions.

I know I will have my hands full, but the satisfaction that I will get from my belief that my money is being properly used, will more than compensate me. It is also possible that I will have to meet some opposition from various people. I may earn many nicknames, but these things will not deter me. For I know that the task of community welfare is a thankless task. But I know also that my work will be certainly appreciated in the long run.

605 Words Essay on if I were a Billionaire

Actually it is very difficult to say what would have happened if the circumstances were difficult. Since I am not a millionaire, I can make many claims on my conscience. But if the voice of conscience however feeble, is any guide, I would say, with certainty, that I would love to live like any poor man if I were a millionaire.

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Outline: Introduction — alms to the beggars — help to the poor relations — help to poor children — make my fellowmen happier — healthy and happy pursuits -conclusion. If I were a millionaire, I would have a plan to use the money in the best possible way. This is how I would go about it:. First, I would give alms to the beggars in my town. I would particularly help the blind and the maimed beggars. I do not have an iota, of respect for the aide -bodied ones.Gone are the days when millionaires were considered to be important people since the fall of the value of the rupee on international markets.

First of all, I would buy a most beautiful house outside the city in the outskirts with wide lawns and gushing flowing out quickly fountains. Birds would be found sitting on some of the rarest most uncommon plants, green, yellow, red and blue in brilliant sunshine and milky moonshine.

Some of the richest fruits of all the five continents would be found hanging by the lovely branches of the dark green earth-kissing plants of the finest kind. And between the trees on the soft, grassy grounds, I would play different games with my friends and classmates. Musical instruments will be played by the best musicians in soft tunes. Secondly, with a part of my wealth, I would have a very spacious with a lot of space library hall constructed beside close to my house.

The most important and useful books in the arts and sciences would be brought from all over the world and placed in this library. It will be a well-equipped library with compact discs CDS of films and recorded programmes on different subjects of real interest for all kinds of students, teachers, and scholars. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

Thirdly, with the money with me, I would set up a public hospital for poor and middle-class people. All the facilities for the treatment of different diseases will be provided here. And, the patients will be able to get all the medicines easily.

Fourthly, I would develop the most impressive public park in the country.

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Different kinds of shady trees and plants will add to its charm. Games for children and grown-ups will be an added attraction. Restaurants will provide all manner of foods to the visitors. The income generated provided by this park will be constant and will be spent on the maintenance of the public hospital. Fifthly, I would set up a huge factory producing cotton and woolen cloth of the best quality.

The income from this factory will be offered to deserving students, doctors, engineers, technicians, artists, writers and teachers in the form of scholarships to help them to study further.If I Were a Billionaire.

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Poverty is the greatest curse. My poverty torments me and that is why I always dream of money. I want to be transported into a world of fantasy. I want to roll in fabulous wealth.

Essay on If I Were a Billionaire

I start day-dreaming about what I would do if I become rich. First of all I will build a luxurious palace like home for me. I will have a fleet of liveried servants to carry out my orders and take Care of my whims. Being a nature lover I will have a huge garden richer than the Mughul Garden.

Fleets of luxurious cars will be at my disposal and a private flying machine will take me high up in the sky. Being sans any worry I would have a beautiful wife and will like to perpetuate my name through my children. As I know the pangs of poverty my money will not enter into my head.

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Charity begins at home. I will make my relations and friends float in money. Then I shall share my wealth with the whole world. With philanthropic spirit I will spend my money in social activities to ameliorate the plight of the poor. I will not be a. I do not expect to inherit wealth from my relatives. Only God can help me and shower on me a windfall. If that happens I will fulfill all my dreams and try to realize the things after my heart.

But I have fears also. Ruffians would try to threaten me to give them some of my easy money but I knew how to tackle them. With money come anxieties but I am ready to make them my companions. After all money makes the mare go. It is not God but it is not less than God. I will buy the ruffians.

No worry. Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function.Money makes the mare go, is an old adage of permanent value and significance. In these days of money and money making having become the sole desire of mankind, I would also like to earn and hoard a lot of money, and one day, become a billionaire.

When I become a billionaire I would first of all obviously make a nice house for my family, buy the latest and most expensive car. My children would be educated in the best educational institutions and I would also keep enough provision for their higher studies and any other pursuits of their interest.

My wife, I would just load with the best of clothes and jewellery, the main desires of women. With all this being done, I think my family and I would be well secure for the present and the foreseeable future.

After this, where would I spend the rest of the money? As we all know, money begets money and my money would continuously grow if properly invested. I would next take advantage of the many bank schemes and deposit huge sums from the amount that is a few millions in long term deposits. This would thus keep on increasing by means of interest given in banks.

A few millions I would deposit in a way so that I get a monthly income from it. With this monthly income, I would now start on my way of philanthropy.

Helping the weak, the poor, the old and the disabled would now be my concern. This, I would do by adopting a few old age homes, a few schools and a few health centres. All these institutions would be working with my financial help every month. The interest of my fixed deposits would be used to finance these projects, and yet, the principal amount deposited would remain intact.

This amount would continue to yield dividends and the Projects would go on. On the other hand, when my long term deposits would mature and the money realised, I would use the doubled amount for donations given, to institutions genuinely involved in social work activities. The principal amount originally deposited would again be deposited in the bank to double up again and be used again.

Thus, the cycle of doubling on the one hand, and using interest on the other, my projects of social welfare would continue to go on uninterrupted. Thus, if I was a billionaire, I would wholeheartedly indulge in philanthropy on a large scale. My friends, colleagues and the less lucky people would all benefit from my being rich. Besides all this, I have one ambition that of taking a world trip just once so, if was a billionaire I would try to fulfil this ambition of mine also, as this cannot be done without so much of money.

I would take my family once for a trip around the world. This would give all of us an idea of what the world is and how we are different from others in this same world. After this single trip, I would not waste any amount of money, small or big in any other merry making but, some amount would be spent every year to take my family on an annual holiday.

With all these plans in my mind, I think if I ever become a billionaire, several people would enjoy my riches — So GOD, I pray to you to really make my dream come true, and do make me a billionaire, just once -1 assure you Almighty that, I will never enjoy it all alone — I will share the pleasure with your other human beings.Please join StudyMode to read the full document. He is currently working as a professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, and is also a professor for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne.

He is well known for his different approaches on ethical issues and also includes his own perspectives. Most people would also agree that every human life would bear the same value, usually in the millions. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft began to donate money after learning about a disease that kills half a million children each year.

This disease is called rotavirus. If I Were a Rich Girl Some say money can't buy love; well, maybe that's true, but have you thought of what could be bought with money? If I were to win the lottery and receive fifty-million dollars, there are so many things I would do.

I'd start by paying off all of my debt, twenty-thousand dollars worth. Next, my husband and I would find the perfect house. A house with three stories; one being the basement, a four car garage, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large living area, a big playroom for my children, wonderful kitchen with two of every major appliance, lovely dining room, a nice office space, and huge fenced in backyard.

It would have to be on the outskirts of town, but not secluded from civilization. Our home would cost two million dollars, including all of the furniture and appliances.

We would then have a three to six foot deep pool installed in our backyard for a price of five-hundred thousand dollars. My husband and I would then purchase brand new vehicles for ourselves, mine being a Mercedes Benz, straight off the factory floor and my husband would purchase a real military Hummer, our vehicles would total up to the price of one-million dollars.

Ten-million dollars of the fifty-million would be put into a savings account for our children. My husband and I would use one-hundred thousand dollars to take a two week cruise to the You see, as business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs we all take responsibility for our actions.

We know our success AND failures are a direct result of our actions. May as well kiss that sale goodbye.If I Were A Millionaire! You can also find more Essay Writing articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

We often hear elderly people advising the young ones to forget the past, ignore the future and care for the present. But there is hardly any one who has no ambition for a higher status than the present one. This constant struggle for a higher position sticks to man till the last day of his life, This is true of every human being right from the man in the street to the most celebrated personality of the world.

This struggle, in fact, is essential for achieving the more pious objectives in life. I belong to the middle strata of the Indian society. I can never think of earning millions of rupees. But God has His own ways. Who knows, I might win a lottery! And if I ever win it, I cannot say whether I would be able to enjoy it.

Let me suppose that I am fortunate to win a lottery of millions of rupees! I shall try to spend it in the most judicious manner so that I am able to derive maximum pleasure out of it.

if i were a billionaire essay

My colleagues advise me that first of all, I should try to improve my living conditions. I should have a huge mansion to live in, a car for the family and gadgets used in modern living.

But my concept of life is quite different. Instead of improving my lot, I am much more interested in uplifting the poor masses of the country. India is a developing country. There are many people in India who hardly get two square meals a day. How could they enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life? They are poorly fed and ill-clad. A large number of these people live in villages where the main occupation is agriculture.

In villages, the old bullock-carts are still used though the advanced countries have adopted mechanised farming. I shall offer them loans at a very nominal interest so as to enable them to purchase tractors, fertilisers and better seeds. This scheme would save the villagers from the wicked village money-lenders and would also increase their agricultural production levels.

I shall invest a good portion of money in setting up a hospital with all the modern amenities. I shall also employ highly qualified doctors. This hospital would run for the poor masses. The rich classes could donate generously for this noble cause.

This can save poor people from the jaws of death. Therefore, if I become a millionaire, my sole objective would be to utilise this money for the greatest good of the greatest number of people. To help the poor, feed the hungry, nurse the sick and improve the plight of the people, would be my major objective. Many people, particularly villagers, have no means of recreation. I would spend a part of my wealth for providing means of recreation to the poor. I would open various social and educational centres in the rural areas of the country.

I am pained to learn that there is no adequate provision for supporting orphans and widows.The Department of Statistics at Oxford is a world leader in research including computational statistics and statistical methodology, applied probability, bioinformatics and mathematical genetics. The Oxford University Statistical Consultancy Unit provides comprehensive statistical consultancy services to both internal departments and external businesses.

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If i were a billionaire

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if i were a billionaire essay

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if i were a billionaire essay

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if i were a billionaire essay

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