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Remember Me? General BMW Discussion. Engine Conversions. Siemens MS Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Siemens MS Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I'm just trying to get my car running and the only thing preventing it is the EWS.

If someone can possibly help me out with a clear cut route, I would appreciate it more than you know. I don't want to have to do any soldering, and from what I understand, it is possible to do a full read in-car, but that's not even necessary to accomplish my goal.

So, which cable and which software should I use?

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I'm looking for the most cost effective options here. Please please help me here. Thank you! After doing some reading, I like the sound of this method, I think I'll give it a go. A very kind user here has offered to do this for me and I am sincerely appreciative, and will likely be sending it to him.

However, I would still like to try and understand how it all works, and learn the different methods. Again, my immediate need is the ewsII delete so I can get my car back on the road. However, I eventually want to have diagnostic and flashing capabilities so that I won't have to send it out every time I want to tune it SAP, O2 del, etc.

Moving on I remember reading somewhere that the ewsII fix could be done with this cable and that I only need to read out the 24kb file, alter 2 bytes, do a checksum correction and write it back to the DME. However, I also read that people have issues with their AC not working afterwards and I don't wish to have this happen. Also, can anyone verify that the Galletto is capable of this task for this vehicle? I will also greatly appreciate it if someone can verify the location of the two bytes that need to be changed to 0x0F?

What is the least expensive and most effective software available for accomplishing this task and which cable will be needed for that software with this vehicle? Does it really work the way it says it does? Is it fairly easy to use? Can the Galletto cable be used with this software? What other cables would be best to use with this software? What are your thoughts on this? I have a copy of INPA, but have not yet installed it.

If I go this route, which cable s do I need to get it working properly with all modules? Clarification of these questions here, in one place, will be incredibly helpful for me an many others. Siemens MS41 Flash tool flashes both partial and fullflash, corrects checksums, and allows for some other advanced functions.

But I don't think you need to be flashing anything at all for your goal. Whoever gave you or wherever you found the information about ews delete, it is wrong, and you are going off very outdated info.EWS delete - how?

Posted: Tue Jun 07, pm. Another question that may be simple to you guys. Or can anyone do this with RR? And how?

Thanks, Shek. Posted: Wed Jun 08, am. Its not a secret, its just not published.

ms41 ews delete

Depending on the softwareversion, the sub that needs handling is at a different position in the code and the mod needs different bits set and subs called. If you know the softwareversion, i can mod you a file.

How to modify m54 cam to fit m52/m50tu engine (cheap performance cam)

Posted: Thu Jun 09, pm. Just the one that's supported here. MS I guess? I like the approach of standardizing the ROM version. I tried to do that with MS41 but wasn't able to, haha. Posted: Tue Dec 13, pm. I've been looking for a while, can't find any. Cheers, Mike. Cloudforce wrote:. Posted: Sun Aug 06, am. Just do full kb flash to ms ms43wiki. Posted: Sun Aug 06, pm. Posted: Mon Aug 07, pm.

Posted: Sun Sep 03, am. I think that Chipster's flash tool will not be of use unless you already bought it now that he has passed away. Mine somehow started asking me for a new key 3 weeks ago, and I'm out of luck! Posted: Wed Sep 06, pm. I spoke with his family and they have unplugged his server from his old apartment and have no intentions on putting it back online. I've been speaking with a few members about an ethical way to distribute his licensed software The software is obfuscated quite extensively.

For what it does, i know the MS43 Flasher from our group not only is much faster but also has some further abilities. Last visit was: Mon Oct 12, am. Page 1 of 2. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: EWS delete - how? Post subject: Re: EWS delete - how?This is also ideal for swaps into other chassis like an e30 or an e34 for example.

It is a good way to work around a faulty EWS system. Also a good solution if you want to install a remote start system in your vehicle. Useful in track cars to save every bit possible and reduce electrical starting issues at the track.

ms41 ews delete

Other options are possible through the link provided below. Some of the possible options include:. All features are options possible in the listing linked below. All options are available for one affordable price, but the buyer can select which options they would like programed onto their DME. Again this listing is for the EWS delete DME only, if you would like any of the options above please check out my other listings or the link below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Link to MS41 with options:. M52 non tu or S52 USA engines. Available in low, medium, or high Launch Control - This will give your car a lower limiter when stopped. Good for launching the car at specified rpm.

Siemens MS42

Useful if connecting an obd2 port and using digital gauges. Also useful to get correct mpg values on a swap car. Also useful to get correct mpg values on a swap car All features are options possible in the listing linked below.Realtime Posts Downloads Chatbox. What's New? Forgot Username? Remember Me? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

E39 528i - EWS Delete - M52 - MS41

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Siemens ms41 ews delete patcher.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Last edited by xbyte; 15th March, at AM. Don't start - give error - not valid win32 application.

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Im here to help and to be helped. File updated: shuld run on xp now too if net framework 4. Please report. Top work, tried today! It bitbangs the initial wakeup 0x33 at 5 baud and and then do the rest for retrieving only the block needed for ews delete,add the ews delete stuff,correcting the checksum and write it back. I also hardware modded an vag-kkl cable to "spy" on the obd port protocols by lifting the k-line pullup resistor, this way it can be run in parallell with any other cables and log the data used by any other tools that communicate with the ecu.

I had to write my own software for this diagnostic spying, since there where notting to be found, this way i found the data needed to comminicate with the dme for reading and writing the data. All i need now is the checksum protocols.

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ms41 ews delete

Hi, i? The error memory of both ecus show a "ecu self test error" after modifying and writing back the dump. Whats the reason for that? Beside that it seems to work. No error message concerning the missing EWS. Originally Posted by Sir Pommes. Originally Posted by mtey. No " self test error" - You must calculate checksum. Greetings, mtey. Load orginal readout into winols: 2. Import new version the version with ews delete 3. Thanks in advance. Originally Posted by xbyte.Search this site.

MS41 Tuning RomRaider. Control Bits. Catalytic Converter. Secondary Air Pump. Evaporative Emissions. Fuel Trims. Engine Load.

Gauge Cluster. MS41 Quickflash. ECU Cable. Enable Write Access. MS41 Conversion. Flash Custom Code. CEL Flash. Sensor Inputs. Ignition Retard. Switch Inputs. Extended Primary Tables. Open Loop Enrichment.It is absolutely crucial before starting to mess with the DME, you need to understand the importance of having the correct softwareversion! Softwareversion is a term which describes how old the software on a praticular DME is.

The easiest analogy would be to use terms from the computer industry. Both have a unique platform, but have had updates in the past. These updates, called service packs, can be described as the softwareversion of the DME. It still had errors so the second service pack CA was rolled out. At MS42, there have been the following softwareversions:. The very important part now is, each softwareversion got a new feature whatever that feature might be is not important!

Every new feature means that there needs to be changes done in the code to implement them. If you load a bin with e. If you are seeing strange values confirm that you are using the correct version! If you are using RomRaider for tuning, then you don't need to worry about software versions. RomRaider will open correct definition automatically if your software version is supported.

You can download the flashtools right here: Flash Tools. The checksums are used to verify that the data written to the ROM has not become corrupt. Injection maps are based around engine load vs engine speed. The lookup is milliseconds.

The lambda sensors for closed loop control are narrowband.

TRM MS41 EWS Delete

Learned trims do affect full throttle fuelling as well, but area learned from closed loop areas. I or II are for the two halves of the straight six engine.

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Changing the fuel injectors may be needed when charging your engine and therefore some constants and maps need to be tweaked. You will have to calculate the difference in percentage of volume flow between stock and your new injectors. Depending on the injectors you will have to finetune the injector latency compensation injector dead times as well:. But adjusting the scalars will only get you to rough ballpark. If you happen to have stuttering or unclean combustion when stepping on the gas, rescale the cylinder rewetting tables as well:.

There is a knock based interpolation between the 98 and 91 RON tables. The other tables should be kept safe. Catalyst heating "KH" in maps retards ignition during warm up. MS43 related: Experience on standard or near standard Euro ci in cool climate and with 99 RON fuel suggested sporadic pulling of timing here and there up to a few degrees is common but rarely sufficient even in hard track use to produce more than 1 degree of learned ignition retard from the 98 RON base map.

Shows the 98 RON map on a standard car is quite good.

ms41 ews delete

This is accomplished by raising the rpm treshold. The following maps need to be tweaked. This section contains information on how the dual vanos system is actuated by the DME and how to modify it. Both, intake and exhaust, camshaft can be set independently in relation to the crankshaft.

The aim of that system is to optimize emission, produce better torque at low engine speeds and have better top end power. The system uses engine oil to pressurize a set of gears at the end of each camshaft. The M52tu runs quite warm for the aluminum block and also is very sensitive to temperatures and is one of the leading causes for pulling timing when warm.Increase in sales when you offer hassle free. Been only using after ship for few days.

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